Commission Power and Authorities

The powers and authorities of the Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission (LPGF Commission) and its predecessor, the Lake Field Game and Fish Management Commission (LFGFM Commission), were granted through a series of State of Louisiana statutes [LA Revised Statute (LA R.S.)]: LA R.S. 56: 721-728, LA R.S. 56:801-802, LA R.S. 56:722.1(B), and Lafourche Parish Police Jury (Jury) and Council (Council) ordinances (Numbers 1382 and 3141).

LA R.S. 56:722 and 722.1 granted general authority to the LFGFM Commission to make rules and regulations for the government, regulation, and control of the Lake Field Game and Fish Preserve (LF Preserve), and for the conservation, protection, and propagation of game and fish in the LF Preserve. The LFGFM Commission cannot implement any hunting or fishing regulation unless it is aproved by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, which was given concurrent jurisdiction and power over the LF Preserve (LA R.S. 56:727.

The LFGFM Commission was granted the following authority to:
  • lease land within Lafourche Parish (LA R.S. 56:722.1)
  • charge an annual hunting or fishing fee for the privilege of hunting or fishing in the preserve, not to exceed one dollar per year for parish residents or 50 cents per day for parish non-residents (LA R.S. 56:726)
  • maintain support services within their territorial jurisdiction, including parks, picnic areas, and concessions (LA R.S. 56:802)
In addition, other powers and/or authorities over the LF Preserve were granted to the Lafourche Parish government or the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF). The Parish government may:
  • build dykes or dams, dig canals, or excavate lake or stream beds whenever such work is necessary for the creation and establishment of preserves (LA R.S. 56:724)
  • expropriate property as necessary for the establishment of the preserve and to the establishment of camps (LA R.S. 56:725)
  • revoke any rule or regulation made by the commission when petitioned by not less than fifty citizens and taxpayers of the parish (LA R.S. 56:725).
  • appropriate money for the preserve out of its general fund, and vote special taxes for the maintenance, operation, and equipment of the preserve (LA R.S. 56:728
  • employ and pay a deputy sheriff under the supervision of the parish sheriff to enforce rules and regulations of the preserve (LA R.S. 56:728)
LA R.S. 56:802 assigned the LDWF the duty and responsibility for resource management, including water level control, aquatic weed control, and maintenance and repair of dams, control structures, and spillways within the territorial jurisdiction of each commission established in LA R.S. 56:801, providing that no local commission or authority is providing these services.

After authority was granted to the Parish by LA R.S.56:721-728, the Jury or Council passed several ordinances which specifically addressed the LPGF Commission.

Parish Ordinance Numbers 1382 in 1981 and 1386 in 1982 gave the LPGF Commission the authority to:
  • purchase and receive land from levee boards and school boards
  • build dykes or dams, dig canals, or excavate lake or stream beds
  • establish fees for the privilege of hunting or fishing
  • erect and maintain public camping places, boats and accommodations
  • make rules and regulations for its own government and for use and operation of the LF Preserve
  • generally exercise those powers and perform those functions authorized by LA R.S. 56:721-728
Parish Ordinance Number 3141 in 2002 added Lake Long and land below the high water mark as shown by the 1857 meander line under the management and jurisdiction of the LPGF Commission. The Ordinance also changed the name of the LF Preserve to the Lake Field / Lake Long Preserve (LFLL Preserve).

In 2010, Act 384 of the Louisiana Legislature was passed and LA56:722.1(B) enacted. This legislation gave the LPGF Commission the authority to manage Lake Long.

The Lafourche Parish Home Rule Charter (latest revision 2012) recognizes previous state legislative statues and parish ordinances concerning the Commission and Preserve:
  • Commission composition and removal
  • Jurisdiction over the LFLL Preserve
  • Other authorities previously designated
The LPGF Commission operates under the "open meetings" law (LA R.S. 42:4.1-12) and the "public records" law (LA R.S. 44:1-37) while carrying out its powers and authorities. The public may submit a request for written records of the Commission at a cost of one dollar per sheet of request.