Preserve Regulations

The Lake Field/Lake Long Game and Fish Preserve (Preserve) is open to the public at all times for recreation and other legal activities. Unless otherwise specified, all federal state, and parish rules and regulations apply to the Preserve and camp lease holders. All agencies with enforcement powers may enforce appropriate federal, state, or parish regulations within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Preserve including camp lease holders.

The Lafourche Parish Game and Fish Commission (Commission) may recommend fishing, boating, hunting, or environmental rules and regulations for the Preserve, but such is subject to approval and adoption by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, the Lafourche Parish Council, or other state and parish agencies. In addition, the Commission has CAMP LEASE REGULATIONS. A summary of instructions follows. may adopt camp lease regulations.

There are some State statutes and Lafourche Parish Ordinances which apply specifically to the Preserve.

LA R.S. 41:15 applies to deer hunting stands on state lands including the Preserve:
  • Permanent stands are not allowed. A permanent stand is defined as "a stand that is either non-portable freestanding structure or a stand that uses nails, screws spikes, or other means to attach to a tree and which is not designed to be hand carried by one person or to be removed daily".
  • A portable stand may not be left on state lands unless the stand is removed from the tree or left in a non-hunting position.
  • Each portable stand must be legibly tagged with the owner's name, address, and phone number.
Several Parish Ordinances apply to the Preserve:
  • There is a no wake zone in effect for Company Canal between First Street in Lockport to Foret Canal along Smithport Farms (Lafourche Parish Ordinance Number 2409) and Bayou Folse between Company Canal and Butch Hill Canal (Lafourche Parish Ordinance Number 2675). Although out of the Preserve, there is also a no wake zone in Bayou Folse between the Bayou Folse bridge northward to the Theriot Canal (Lafourche Parish Ordinance Number 2520).
  • Making new cuts with boats along existing spoil banks and natural bayou ridges are prohibited (Lafourche Parish Ordinance _____)
  • Waterfowl hunting within 500 feet of an camp is prohibited (Lafourche Parish Ordinance _____ ).
In addition, the Commission may adopt rules and regulations concerning camp lease holders through the camp lease document and other Commission actions. For instance, the Commission has recently adopted a policy forbidding discharge of firearms on camp lots.

The Preserve is heavily utilized by the public for divergent activities such as hunting, fishing, frogging, boating, birding, camping, and sight-seeing. The Commission urges that all visitors to the Preserve recognize that their particular activities, while legal, may be in conflict with other individuals in the same or a different user group. For instance, specific user group conflicts may occur over areas for hunting and fishing, boat wakes near camps and other boats, hunting or shooting near camps, etc. The Commission further reminds the public that no one may stake a claim to any particular location for hunting and that permission is not granted for individuals to cross private lands in order to access the Preserve. We also suggest that everyone be aware of the "harassment" statue (LA R.S. 56:648) which states that "no person shall interfere with or disturb the lawful activity of a hunter, fishermen, or trapper".